Feeling Good About Exchanging Sports Cars To Minivans For Your Family

I had been into sports cars ever since I saw the principal arrive at my high school in a Ferrari Testarossa in 1985. He had always exhibited his passion for automobiles for as long as I could remember, but it was his only vehicle that made me want to befriend the principal and hope he’d let me drive it around the lot. Of course, no one would let a teenager—a novice driver—get behind the wheels of such an expensive car, though, so I promised to study hard and get an awesome job. That’s the sole way I would be able to afford a sports car, after all.

The journey towards my end goal turned out to be rockier than I expected. I took out student loans to survive in college, and then I worked hard to pay off my debts in the following years. Despite that, I never gave up on my dream to own a sports car. I worked harder than ever, merely spent my salary on bare necessities, and saved up the rest.

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My efforts became fruitful in 1996 when I finally snag an awesome deal and obtain a Dodge Viper GTS. I loved everything about this sports car, from its 450-HP engine to its impressive bodywork. At the time, I felt like nothing else could make me happier than driving it around the city and watching people gawk at my ride from all sides.

When Change Had To Be Made

I met my future wife, Mary, four years later. I was still head over heels in love with the Viper, but I knew that I was already with the one. We used to do long drives during our weekend dates, and she often reveled at how fast the car could cover a massive distance. Mary liked the sports car so much that she suggested using it as a bridal car on our wedding day instead of renting a limousine. While it was a radical choice, I loved her more for it.

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Mary got pregnant before our first anniversary. We were so thrilled about it, so we started preparing for the baby’s arrival when she was only in the first trimester. I gave up my home office and transformed it into a nursery room by myself, for one. My wife bought baby clothes in neutral colors and asked me to set up a crib, bassinet, and mini dresser, which I gladly did. We even looked for guard rails to erect around the house when our child’s already crawling.

However, once our preparation came to the point when we had to buy a car seat, a realization hit me: it won’t fit in the Viper. Mary was too kind about it and said that we could try finding a small one, but I knew that it would be next to impossible. Besides, the bigger the car seat was, the more it could shield our newborn from impacts. Because of that, I made the tough decision to exchange my sports car for a minivan.

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How To Feel Good With The Change?

Think Of Your Family’s Safety

I honestly considered my wife’s recommendation to look for a small car seat that might fit in my Dodge Viper GTS. If we could find one, I won’t need to sell my vehicle. But I had a moment of clarity and understood that riding it would most likely be unsafe for my new family.

Assuming you still didn’t get what I meant by that, imagine colliding with another car. Sports cars are faster and smaller than many automobiles, so being in one during a collision may ensure that the passengers will get injured. Once you process this idea, you may realize that owning such an automobile is not worth it if you wish to ensure your family’s safety.

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Keep In Mind That You Can Choose Your Minivan

I must admit that I pre-judged minivans before I even bought one. The reason was that I could remember a similar type of vehicle that Mom used to take my siblings and me to school. It was long and wide and — excuse my French — ugly.

But when I reached the dealership, I was surprised by how different minivans are these days. One of the cars that I liked the best was the Lexus LM. Its front half was like that of an SUV, but its back half was no different from that of a van. It was also sleeker than regular minivans; thus, I found myself looking forward to driving it for years.

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Final Thoughts

Letting go of my sports car was not as challenging as I thought it would be. I was doing it for my family, after all. If it was for anything else, I might not have parted with my vehicle.

Assuming you are about to become a parent, too, you should bid goodbye to your sports car now and say hello to a minivan. Good luck!