Beyond Highways: Alternative Adventures For You & Your Muscle Car 

Are you a muscle car owner and tired of driving along the same old highway? Bored with the daily routine you have with you and your ride?  


Well, not to worry, because you might not know it, but there’s a whole world out there to explore with your beloved automobile! We’ve got you covered from the extreme activities to the chill and relaxing ones – all for you and your sweet ride. 

Get Wild 

Being a muscle car owner comes along with a certain aura that makes people think that you are an adventurous type of person.  But the question is, are you able to enjoy long drives and fun activities with your automobile? 

With your classic muscle car and its detail-oriented specs, the only problem that may be hindering you from living an extraordinary life is the lack of opportunities and avenues for you to go on an adventure, may it be alone, with family, or with friends. 

If you’re the type of muscle car owner who drives along plain old roads, we’ve got a proposition for you! 

Has it ever crossed your mind to join extreme races with the wildest twist, turns, gas stomps, and breaks? If you’re searching for a type of adrenaline, you might want to participate in muscle car drag races! 


Many raceways businesses such as Rock Falls Raceway and the Strip, regularly hold drag races and other competitions wherein American muscle cars are encouraged to participate in actively. The races have different participating fees, as well as an entrance fee for the audience who wants to watch, which is why they can maintain their facilities and sustainably keep their business standing strong despite having been established in the early 1960s. 

In Drag Racing, the racers usually undergo a series of elimination rounds to reduce the number of participants competing for the overall champion title. What’s good about it is that the host raceway always ensures that the participants are either provided with a helmet or can bring one along with them.  

Besides this, they also follow specific guidelines with regards to speed limits and even request for particular certifications issued by NHRA, to ensure the participant’s safety and welfare. 


If you’re up for more thrill, you might also want to try the American Muscle Car Challenge by testing your skills behind the wheel of the top muscle car types of all time, and not just that but get to drive them at maximum level in the ever-famous Las Vegas Speedway. 


Straight Out Of A Movie 

If you’re not into the extreme activities, you can also try more chill and laidback activities which will make you feel like you’re a movie star in the ’60s! Choosing from long scenic drives to an outdoor movie cinema, you’ll surely get the ’60s vibes everyone wants to have! 

Through BuyAGift services, you can book yourself a Movie Car Driving Experience depending on the kind of event you want which can be filtered out in their service website. Through them, you can see the different locations where you can avail the experience you want. Indeed, time traveling isn’t that complicated anymore! 

For those who want to feel the air against their hair, windows rolled down, country and ’60s style, maybe a scenic drive is all you need! Experience World Class Driving at the Red Rock Canyon with the help of Expedia! Through this, you can book your trip with an ensured itinerary plan involving muscle cars, just the way you like it. 


Of course, every success story has its history. With the success of the muscle car automobile industry, it would also be great to know how it all started. For museum-goers and automobile enthusiasts, experience the full muscle car package by visiting the museums of Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing, Muscle Car City, and Sarasota Classic Car Museum, which all showcase the rich culture and development of the automobile industry. 

Now that we’ve given some alternatives, what else is stopping you? There are plentiful things to discover, and it’ll only happen if you start to explore beyond highways. 




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