Car Buying Addiction – You Might Need A Therapist


Buying a car can be one of life’s greatest achievements. It makes you feel like you have accomplished something when you buy your first car. But we all know that vehicles depreciate each year and there are other money issues to settle like monthly fees, maintenance, parking fees and tickets and so much more. This can make buying a car every year, which can constitute addiction is a stupid idea. You might need a therapist for this problem of yours.

In this situation, online therapy apps like BetterHelp can help you get back on track once more.

The idea of having a car, even with all the expenses, is like showing status. This is true in our society today. The thought of driving anywhere and going to places with a new car in two is a great feeling. That is what we want, after all, the sense of luxury, leisure, comfort, and freedom. “The purchase brings a momentary euphoria–much like a gambler feels as he places his bet,” psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Hindie M. Klein explains.  “Purchases can sometimes act as a symbol for the person’s ideal self.”

People who are not aware can buy a new car every year. The feeling of having to drive something different each year and bargaining and negotiating can be very liberating to other people. At some point, you can get exhausted in all the buying, settling and having your car registered year after year. You might even realize that you have a problem and that you might have an addiction.


Resisting The Urge To Buy A New Car Each Year

“We all want to experience pleasure, and it can be a lot of fun to go shopping and imagine owning the products we see,” says Ian Zimmerman, Ph.D. “Once we start experiencing pleasure as a result of this sense of vicarious ownership, we’re more likely to buy those products so that we can continue to experience that pleasure.” Luckily, there are only three things you need to do to combat the feeling of the need to buy something new when in fact, you have the same item that is working correctly and doesn’t need to be replaced.

Name your car. Anthropomorphism is a very effective way of not spending for unnecessary things. When you name your car, you give it an identity. You give your car a personality and soul. You become attached to your vehicle because you now see every small detail your vehicle adds to its personality.

Go to the dealer and intoxicate yourself. Visiting a car dealership and test driving cars can give you a sense of appreciation for what you already have in your garage. You might think that this car your test driving is a newer version of your vehicle, but you will realize that a new version of your vehicle will have the same purpose and use for you.

Visit a garage sale. When you visit a garage sale, you will see items that are in good condition and at a low price. You can reflect on things like these because you will know the value of one item decreasing even if it is in good condition and also, you might find something that you need, and you do not have to buy something expensive for the same purpose. The same goes for decluttering. If you declutter your space and organize your things, you will start to notice the things you need and the things that you don’t need, and you will learn to let go of those unwanted things.


Control Yourself

“Whether you call it willpower, discipline, or self-control, regulating your own impulses–particularly in the face of tempting diversions–is really hard to do,” psychologist Ellen Hendriksen, Ph.D. wrote. If you realize that you may have a spending problem, refocus yourself on what you need. Of course, we are entitled to buying ourselves a few items that we want, but there are times when buying items can be excessive and irrational. You can also learn self-control tips from professionally-guided YouTube channels.

Spending too much money on unnecessary things can be avoided. Just follow the tips above, and you are on tour way to be better and more conscious in spending.

Recommendations For Saving Money

Check for low insurance rates. Auto insurance the second biggest expense when you buy a car. Some insurance companies charge you for a lot of money, and you might think that it’s just how insurance works, but actually, other insurance companies give you a reasonable price.

Manage your finances in one place. It is hard to keep track of your expenses if you have 25+ accounts to go back and forth. Find an app that can manage all of your accounts in one place. You can now track your expenses and see where you can adjust to stay on budget.

Never quit your work. Instead of leaving a job, get laid off. Getting laid off will ensure you of health care, compensation, unused vacation days and more were in quitting, they won’t be any benefits. There are books and other information on the internet to help you understand more about the process of getting laid off.

Learn to be responsible with your spending habits, and if you think you are going overboard with your spending, it is time to stop and think of ways you can help yourself to be back on track and be back on traffic.

Value the things that you have and don’t think about buying something new every single time. Appreciate the things that are still functioning correctly because you can have money to spend on more important stuff rather than replacing something still working and spending unnecessary cash on things you do not need.