Car Buying Addiction – You Might Need A Therapist


Buying a car can be one of life’s greatest achievements. It makes you feel like you have accomplished something when you buy your first car. But we all know that vehicles depreciate each year and there are other money issues to settle like monthly fees, maintenance, parking fees and tickets and so much more. This can make buying a car every year, which can constitute addiction is a stupid idea. You might need a therapist for this problem of yours.

In this situation, online therapy apps like BetterHelp can help you get back on track once more.

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How To Choose The Ideal Car For You

There are several things to take into consideration when it comes to buying an automobile for yourself or a family member or even for a family car. Keep in mind that you must be careful in taking this step because once you purchase a particular vehicle, you can no longer return it to the owner simply because you changed your mind. Because of this, it is essential on your part to observe some guidelines before you will start to select the perfect car for you.


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4 Strategies To Quickly Sell Your Car


Are you planning to dispose or sell your beloved automobile soon? Do you want to get the best value for this sale? Is it difficult on your part to think of ways on how to sell it to the right individual? If you answered yes to all these questions, then make sure to read this article from start to finish. In this write-up, we are going to list down the top five strategies that you can use to ensure that the process of disposing your vehicle becomes fast and easy.

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Perks Of Having An American Muscle Car 

Various movies, especially during the mid-1960s, have intense chasing action scenes featuring high-speed cars going from zero to sixty miles every hour in just a snap of a finger. You will be surprised at how the protagonist could smoothly go after the bad guys at consistently high speeds. Have you ever wondered what kinds of cars make this possible?



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Auto Therapy: How Cars Help Our Mental Wellness 

When Carl Benz developed the first official car in the late 1880s, we bet his main goal was to find a way to travel easily from one place to another. Little did he know that his invention would make such a huge impact and change the story of transportation completely.


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Once Upon A Time: The History, Impact & Culture Of The American Automobile 

Back in the day, the American automobile was one indicator of your status as a person. If you had one of these sweet rides, you were famous, rich, or highly respected.


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Just like any technological innovation, each invention has had its fair share of failures and achievements which still happen to create an impact on society today. Now, we look into the story of America’s iconic sweet ride which has influenced us from the past to the present. 


Beyond Highways 

The American automotive industry has existed since the 1890s but only became popular in the 1950s. After the second World War, many opportunities for technological advancements opened to meet consumers’ needs and boost the economy after such an awful downfall. 

Since technology evolves through time, many functions were developed for the American automobile. Because of this, the product continuously improved until it became what we know now as the American muscle car. 


The demand for the said cars was ultimately high, and this caused the automobile industry for the whole of America to be very successful in terms of profit and income. In a short span of time, the 1950s became the golden era for America’s automobile industry, and its influence continues to affect society now more than ever, beyond highways.  


Culture Creation 

Since the influence of American automobiles was powerful, it has created such a culture that has been present in most of the American society for as long as we can remember. 

Who knew that the existence of American muscle cars could create a high-end, exclusive kind of lifestyle also known as the “hot rod culture“?  

 The hot rod culture is a lifestyle adopted by most American muscle car owners. Initially, the hot rod has two parts: “hot” signifying “hotting,” meaning to develop, innovate, and improve the product continuously, and “rod” which pertains to “roadster” which is an older inspiration for the creation of the hot rod vehicles. 

With the technical definition established, many people have also modernized the concept into an aesthetic which we can still see today. In modern and pop culture, hot rods are now the concepts we see in the ’50s- and ’60’s-themed films, songs, photo shoots, music videos, TV shows, musicals, and much more. More than this, despite it being an old concept, it is still used today as the concept of many cafes, car wash shops, and other profitable establishments. 

This creation of culture is what others refer to as a “contemporary movement” to further show their appreciation for the lifestyle and confidence boost given to them by the presence of the fancy automobile in their lives. 


Unimaginable Impact 

More than just being an option for transportation and bringing a unique culture into the lives of modern men, the American muscle car has created an impact in many unimaginable ways possible. 


In entertainment and sports, American muscle cars were used as one of the main vehicles to participate in drag races and hot rodding which boomed in the 1950s. Despite it being a thing of the past, we can still see it being integrated with modern sports today which involves vehicular contraptions as well. 

Not only did it help in certain aspects of economic growth but also the same industry contributed significantly to the development of women’s rights in the 1950s. A well-known institution, the United Auto Workers Union, established a women’s department which highlighted the importance of women’s participation in such unions which eventually led to the factors of implementing the Equal Pay Act of 1963. 

Besides this, the automobile industry, where American muscle cars originated from, also contributed to the development of many auto-related enterprises and businesses that make life easier and enjoyable. Some of these would be the fast food drive-thru we have now, drive-in cinemas, aftermarkets, and even showrooms for what is now vintage branding. 


With the emergence of such inventions from before, we can see how relevant its impact is to the things we experience now. May it is through entertainment, political rights, economic growth, or even aesthetic purposes, we can guarantee that having your American muscle car can give you a timeless value of a lifetime. 




What Makes American Cars Different From The Rest 

If you dream of owning a car, you may be well aware that there are about thousands of car models out there. Each car model has its personality, which reflects what its car manufacturer stands for. Thus, people tend to base their purchases on the car manufacturer and its country of origin.  


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Brief History And Evolution Of American Muscle Cars 

Muscle cars, whether we are a fan of them or not, have been part of American culture and history. Muscle cars represent power and style. Those high-speed car chases we see in the movies, those hulky cars we see in the racetrack, or those with a vintage look can be classified as muscle cars. However, the definition of a muscle car varies. 


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Beyond Highways: Alternative Adventures For You & Your Muscle Car 

Are you a muscle car owner and tired of driving along the same old highway? Bored with the daily routine you have with you and your ride?  


Well, not to worry, because you might not know it, but there’s a whole world out there to explore with your beloved automobile! We’ve got you covered from the extreme activities to the chill and relaxing ones – all for you and your sweet ride.  Continue reading “Beyond Highways: Alternative Adventures For You & Your Muscle Car “