Perks Of Having An American Muscle Car 

Various movies, especially during the mid-1960s, have intense chasing action scenes featuring high-speed cars going from zero to sixty miles every hour in just a snap of a finger. You will be surprised at how the protagonist could smoothly go after the bad guys at consistently high speeds. Have you ever wondered what kinds of cars make this possible?



These are called “muscle” cars, which are very powerful and high-performance two-door vehicles which range from small to medium-sized vehicles and are rear-wheel-drive. A famous muscle car is the Ford Mustang, which has gained prominence since its creation in the 1960s. Competing head-to-head with the Mustang is the Chevrolet Camaro, while the Dodge Challenger is also very famous for its iconic style. More recently, classic American muscle cars have only become collector’s items for car enthusiasts.  


Here are 5 perks of having an American muscle car: 

 It Has Very Powerful Engines 

The high performance of an American muscle car comes from its eight-valve (V8), or sometimes six-valve (V6) engines, allowing it to go at a fantastic speed that not all vehicles can offer. The manner by which the parts of the car have been arranged also allow for its ideal performance. So if you are very specific about having a car that could serve your needs concerning speed, a muscle car suits you best. 



It Has A Strong Body 

Not only the engine, but the actual body of the car offers a great benefit as the American muscle car is intentionally designed to be tougher than any other vehicle. Its body parts are built to endure the extreme and changing weather conditions, as well as to stand the test of time. The stronger and more durable car parts provide extra protection for passengers, thereby making it a very reliable vehicle for everyone. 


It Is Light In Weight 

Compared to the newer cars released, the classic American muscle car is lighter. For instance, a ’69 SS Chevelle looks big, but it only weighs 3,335 pounds; while the 2013 Camaro SS already weights 3,900 lbs. Add this up to the weight of the passengers, and this makes the car already a bit heavy and bulky. This composition would effectively take a toll on a car’s speed, which is why the lightweight muscle cars would be a good option. 



It Boasts Of An Attractive Design 

The two-door American muscle car gives off a very attractive and sleek design which you can bring in any occasion. You can use it for multiple functions – from everyday city driving up to formal events – and wherever you go, the muscle car will never fail to exude its elegance and classic beauty. Evidently, everyone who has been behind the wheels of a muscle car feels excited about its overall look and feel. 


It Remains Highly Marketable 

Other car enthusiasts and owners purchase an American muscle car as an investment. Because these classic cars can already be considered as collector’s items, they can have a very high market value which allows them to be sold at a higher price than you previously acquired them. Various auto shows specifically look for muscle cars as these are among the high-end viral vehicles.  


These are several of the many reasons why an American muscle car is very advantageous for car owners. No doubt that it was one of the most sought-after vehicles back in the 90s. Despite the multi-generational gaps, high-quality muscle cars still stand the test of time. It is evident that sometimes, the oldies are still the goodies. 






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